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Why Awata’s ERP?


  • Efficient to collect data – One Time / Non-Repetitive data input at various levels of Business Operations.
  • Helps reduce all unwanted and unnecessary manual processes of data Input.
  • Less error in data handling and management - Particularly while import / export of data.
  • All documents, bills, invoices, datasheets, spreadsheets, customer or client acquisition and data forms, sales related forms like MIS reports, etc. can be suited and created with ease for any existing or new documentation, data or reports at any given time and can be altered to any specification/s as per any changing business model or goals.
  • Extended MIS Reports can be prepared.
  • Sales and Customer Service Experts can interact and provide solutions and / or services with greater knowledge and information with access to customer’s preferences, choices and past history.


  • Independent role of staff / employee to prepare reports without having to rely on technical or IT Team and without the need to acquire newer IT skills that have become important and significant with changing and available technologies, automation and fast paced demands and expectations towards business fulfillment.
  • Less complex screens, dashboards and easy to use interface.
  • Enhanced freedom and ease of work for staff and employees – Helps improve productivity
  • Less Time Consuming/ Less Tedious – Updating and Handling of data is easy and well managed.
  • All relevant information or data can be shared across all key business teams.
  • No need to have separate systems or software to handle the entire business function and / or operations – Optimally Synchronized for work processes.

Data Security

All Fields of data / all data streams are secure – Limited Access as per defined role of employee – Zero Data Violation / Zero Data theft or leakage.

Centralized and secure data storage with multiple and limited access control protocols.

Benefits of Awata’s ERP Software Solution for Business

  • All predefined deliverables and targets can be achieved with ease of software specifications to increase profitability.
  • Less expenses on human resources.
  • Manage sales, purchase and delivery with ease and as per need to maintain Nil, minimal or full stock and any Inventory related tasks for better management.
  • Ease of keeping a check or track of sales receivables or purchase payables.
  • Ease to connect with third party channels to create simple order placement or booking, order tracking, shipping and related tasks and functions.
  • Streamlined, focused, uncluttered, reliable and smooth work-flow and data-flow – helps enhance Decision Making Process.
  • Better and Well informed Business Process helps reduce Expenditures.
  • Excellent problem solving and planning software tool for any arising unforeseen or unexpected adverse or unwanted situation in business.
  • Ease to upscale business operations owing to real-time performance assessment and tracking.
  • An Entrepreneurial Business Asset in the Fast Paced techno-driven world.