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Invoicing Software for small business

Page view of the Online Invoicing Software

AWATA's Online Invoicing Software is the ideal solution for quick generation of Sales Invoices which in addition offers a compact Receivables management solution as well. Designed to enable voluminous invoice generation with a simple user-friendly interface, our online Billing Software is the simplest yet powerful sales accounting solution.

The crisply designed Dashboard serves as a ready reckoner providing information with regard to Pending Invoices, Receivables and Debtors consolidated position. If integrated with our full-fledged Financial Accounting Module, the invoice generated are simulataneously replicated to the respective financial ledgers without duplication.

The Debtor's Ageing Report is a useful informative tool providing dues receivable from clients/customers in the order of both the Invoice Dates as well as the Due Dates. The feature also offers reports displaying the dues for multiple specific periodicities enabling follow-up for quick realisations.

With simple input screens for adding, modifying and/or deleting multiple goods for sale, this module can be upgraded to display the Stock of goods as well. In short, the Online Invoicing or Billing Software provides more utilities than just billing.