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Online Inventory

Online Inventory Software

Effective Materials Management immensely helps in substantial reduction of working capital requirements rendering more financial flexibility and resource utilisation. Manufacturing or Trading, a perfect Inventory system ensures cost reduction thereby increasing profitability.

AWATA ERP's Inventory Module is a well-structured tool which helps in maintainning desired stock levels, procuring the right material at the right time and ensuring against wastage, pilferage and damage.

The Inventory Module, which is part of AWATA's ERP software, consists of basic procedures for procurement of materials like Quotations and extends till Stock Valuation. Several activities of Purchase and Stores Departments have been included into our simple yet effective application where there is a seamless integration of activities across various departments. Our emphasize has been on reduction of data entry at multiple points which apart from saving valuable time also enhances data security. This makes our software ideal for Small and Medium businesses (SME).

The Master has been designed to accomadate multiple charecteristics of materials in terms of dimensions, colors, brands, grades etc. User-friendly forms for requisitioning, issuing, indenting and procuring materials have been designed keeping in view of the varied operational requirements of organisations of various types. The application generates periodical alerts about stock levels as well as the impending material requirements for enabling material sourcing.

Our Online Inventory software is ideally suited for SME, as includes all basic Stock Reports and can be upgraded or modified depending on industry-specific requirements of our clients. Provisions for generating stock reports based on conventional methods as well as customized methods are stand-out features of our application.

In addition, our Inventory Module can be linked to our Financial Accounting Module for quantifying the stock levels as well as for analysing the financials like the capital employed etc.

Again, like every other Module of AWATA ERP, our Inventory Module also can be accessed anywhere, anytime and from any device.

A simple looking comprehensive Inventory Module; that is how one might describe our application.