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CRM Software tutorial video

Video of how to Import leads into the CRM Software.

Any CRM module needs to record and track the leads, communicate with customers, indulge in proactive persuasion, monitor follow-ups, after-sales service and analyze information for future planning and decision making.

AWATA has designed an online CRM software for small business that renders a seamless system right from the entry of a Lead to After-Sales activities encompassing every possible feature any CRM professional would desire to have in their software.

AWATA's CRM software enables an easy-to-follow methodology beginning with recording the entry of a Lead; evaluating the enquiry; issuing quotations; intermittent follow-up, confirmation of Orders; assigning Delivery Schedules; generating Sales Invoices and last but not the least Receivables Management.

Complimenting to the versatile application, additional features like Management of the Sales force for uninterrupted communication with the leads and customers, dynamic graphical representations, need-based reports have been included as significant components of our CRM.

AWATA's CRM provides an informative and dynamic dashboard for ready reference of the Managers covering a whole range of Sales activities enabling quicker execution of the orders and efficient resource planning. In addition, the application has been structured keeping in view of the constantly changing business environment so as to enable generation of industry-specific and easily customizable reports that would enhance Managerial decision process.

AWATA's CRM has been designed and developed to be accessed from anywhere, anytime and with any device. In short, AWATA has made CRM the simplest possible.