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Online Attendance

Web page view of the attendance records in Online Attendance Software

AWATA's cloud-based Attendance Management system is a one-shot solution for right from recording In-Time & Out-Time to effectively assisting in leave management. The user-friendly application helps employees to raise requests, monitor the approval status, monitor credits and helps the Management in Manpower management.

Our Leave Rule Engine enables the HR Department to manage multiple leave types avoiding manual computations. The application also comprises of provisions to create criterion for weekly offs, compensatory offs and overtime making the preliminary process of payroll much easy and accurate. The dashboards have been designed to provide dynamic information with regard to employee requests, department-wise attendance status and alerts for absenteesm.

Capability to handle multiple branches and unlimited departments is another striking feature of our application. This make is ideal for small business (SME)s. The ability to regularise leaves, permissions specifically designed for exceptional circumstances add to the flexibility of the entire application. Add to all these, a wide range of reports for analysing the abnormalities that might immensely help in decision making process for any HR Department.

Last but not the leasts, AWATA's Attendance Management Software application can be used from AnyWhere, Any Time using Any Device!