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Online Accounting ERP software for small business

View of how a coucher is created in our Online Accounting, Finance Software

If Finance is the life-blood of any industry, a dependable Finance ERP is the heart of a healthy managerial practice. It is with this emphasis that AWATA has developed a simple yet a complete financial accounting solution covering the entire accounting process with utmost compliance to the well established accounting practices and conventions.

AWATA ERP's finance module allows easy entry of accounting data, generate Daybooks as per requirements, view or print periodical reports such as Ledgers, Trial Balance and compile monthly financial reports like Trading and Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet without much ado. In addition, our application presents useful utlities such as Bank Reconciliation Statements, Receivables & Payables Reports, Ageing analysis etc for retrieving and analysing crucial financial information for managerial decisions. This is makes it an ideal software for small business owners (SME).

Keeping in view of the present taxation procedures, our ERP can generate selective reports with limited features to ascertain both Direct and Indirect Tax liabilities which may be very handy for statutory compliance.

Our online Accounting Software can be easily integrated with our HR Module as well as our Inventory Module thereby reducing duplication of data entry. This package comprises of Pay Roll, Stock Registers and Taxation Ledgers. Similarly, our CRM module can also be linked to the Finance application for rendering more accuracy to Sales Accounts.

Like all our modules, our Finance application also has beend designed and developed keeping in view of future scaleabilty and upgradations of SME sector. While the basic report structures are an integral part of this application, additional industry-specific reports can be also generated as per any and every requirement of our valued clients.

The Access Control feature enables the Managers to assign specific roles and responsibilities to Accounts Users and thereby restricting the information accessible to the individual users based on their predefined scope of work.

AWATA ERP's finance module is simply the best and comprehensive accounting solution in every sense for SME.